“Hi Larry
I just wanted to get back to after I got the trailer put together.  I must say that I have been in the machinery industry my working  days and have built and put together hundreds of pieces of equipment and never found one that was as accurately built as this trailer.  Not one hole was out of alignment.  Please pass on my compliments to Eli and his crew. My wife said the only thing missing was either more or larger made in Canada labels.  We are proud to add this trailer to our equipment. Thanks again for your help.  It was a pleasure meeting with and will be sending friends and family your way to get this well made well designed trailer.”
Brian Brinklow  Belleville ON August 2020

Brian Brinklow

“Hello Larry!
You may not remember, we spoke a few years ago when I ordered our MUTS for our trail building business out here in Grey County. You haven’t called me for that walk in the forest so I assume you haven’t made it out this way.
I have been meaning to write you for the last couple of years to tell you HOW MUCH WE LOVE OUR MUTS!!!
Seriously, our business would not be what it is without this awesome tool. It is the workhorse of our team as it hauls all we need and more. We are regularly working on acreages of 40-200 acres and this thing has traversed every conceivable terrain Ontario has to throw at it. Up hills, through muck, sometimes through streams, over rocks and logs, hauling all of our tools and equipment or filled with gravel or wood chips. It is spectacular.
I love what you have built. It has helped us build our livelihood and success.
Great work and sometime later this year or next we may be looking to purchase a 2nd as we grow our fleet and team.
Thanks for all that you do.”
Alexis Brenner  Owner/Operator  DB Trailblazers West Grey ON February 2021

Alexis Brenner

“Larry .  I order and received my trailer in March of 2021 . The process from beginning to picking up at your location , was seamless. My wife and I assembled the trailer in about 3 hours, the instructions ( pictures helped a lot) were very good. I’ve hauled 4 loads of  fill or 2” gravel every dry day since May 24, making a recreation trail  thru my 250 acres. This trailer is a tough easy to use unit , that is pulled by my Honda side x side without any concerns. I fully recommend MUTs  to anyone that asks about it. Thanks for your help .”
Gary Mohr Burks Falls ON July 2021

Gary Mohr

“Hi, Yes my first trailer rates as the best purchase I’ve ever made! I have it at my summer residence in the U P. of Michigan. I use it to haul Lot’s of firewood! And I also haul a small boat to some very remote fishing lakes. The new trailer is going to our farm in Texas. I will be using it to build fence and other jobs around our farm and ranch….
You build a quality product and I’m looking forward to owning my second trailer!”
Wayne Lidster Dalhart TX October 2021

Wayne Lidster

Hi Larry,
“A note to say thank you!   Great service and your atv cart is perfect!!!!!
Well done with the design, 32 years in golf business, I wish we had these years ago. I’ll be ordering more from you next spring.
Thank you again and I’d recommend your product to anyone!! Well built and gets the job done.”

Darin McCorriston Ottawa ON October 2021

Darin McCorriston

Just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the muts. I utilize it with a Kawasaki mule and it fits perfectly in the same wheel tracks. I mainly use it for firewood hauling here in the states. It took me a long time to decide on a unit and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I think I’ve owned it for 4 years now

Other units are comparable in design but not in quality North American steel. This thing is a beast. It assembles easily which is a plus if and when something is wrecked, which unfortunately was one of my experiences. Just unbolt the damaged piece and a replacement piece is readily available.

It’s also a blessing to deal one on one with the owner, designer and customer service rep being Larry. He is a great man and I spoke personally with him several times before buying and was convinced I was dealing with the right product and company

I utilize this thing almost on a daily basis and wouldn’t know what to do without it. I would sell almost everything I own before getting rid of this trailer.

People with small utility atvs and tractors have no idea the versatility that can be added to your machine with this trailer. Do not let the price detour you it is well worth it and will last a lifetime if taken care of properly.

Thanks again Larry for a truly great design and durable unit. Don’t hesitate folks it’s the real deal.”

Randy Hart   Pierceton    IN   Jan 2020

Randy Hart
Hi Larry.  I just wanted to advise that the trailer is assembled and I was very impressed with how heavy the undercarriage is.   You don’t appreciate how well built the item is until you have to handle the various components in the assembly process.   I’m going to give it a good workout hauling firewood next summer and gravel for trail building and I’m confident it will stand up.
Mike Shain    Little Current ON    Dec 2019
Mike Shain
“I bough a muts trailer in 2012. It is one of my very best buy. This trailer hauled more then 1000 cords of 16” of wood.It is a great robust trailer for sugar shack application. I like it very much…”
Alain Charette   Saint Charles-Borromee  QC   Nov 2019
Alain Charette

“Hi Larry,
I have had three serious work days (pulp sticks and firewood) with MUTS and must say that I am pleased. Everything is as advertised! I put both my quad and MUTS on a tilting snowmobile trailer to transport. I use the MUTS’s winch to load itslf on the tilted trailer. The grandkids even enjoy a casual ride in the woods on the MUTS.
I stopped at a country gas station/store and everyone was looking at my new unit and asking where I got it. They all noticed it, so I had to brag about all the functions available on it.
… might be asking for a sales commission.
Paul Morrison    Hanwell  NB  Nov 2019

Paul Morrison

“Ottawa Flooding 2019 Muts trailer

Hey gday Larry,

Been meaning to send you some pictures from this past spring. Our neck of the woods in Dunrobin, just outside of Ottawa got hit hard by flooding for a second time. Unfortunately this time around was much more devastating. The sandbagging organizer, a former neighbor and colleague firefighter of mine requested my ATV and MUTS trailer for urgent help. When i arrived, and as you can see in the photos, water levels had completely surrounded most of the houses. At the sandbag filling location, 50+ pick up trucks were in the queue to be loaded to deliver sandbags to the affected areas. Unfortunately, those sandbags could only reach the end of the driveway were they were unloaded and carried by hand or by canoe to the homes to further increase the size of the sandbag wall. Not to mention having to throw and place the sandbags in the back of the trucks. The MUTS trailer was a god send and along with the 2 massive front end loaders, was the most versatile, capable sandbag delivering machine. At the expense of my brakes and one bent pin on the trailer, we loaded that MUTS trailer to the hilt and then some. I was able to transport the sandbags through water up to the max on my ATV right though the flooded front lawns and right to the sandbag wall, where it was needed most, saving time, number of people required and saved numerous house. People were completely shocked that a trailer loaded with literally thousands of pounds of sand could easily maneuver to the sand bag wall and then easily dump the whole load so i could speed back to grab more sand. It honestly was the most effective piece of equipment in the area. Our only complaint was that it was the only one there. I know i exceeded the ratings on the trailer. I was willing to live with the consequences to help my neighbors, but miraculously, the only visible sign of damage was the pin that holds the top pulley on the cranking post from the excess weight. It bent slightly. haha. I couldn’t of been happier with how my MUTS trailer performed. It is a serious workhorse. I hope next time, and there will be a next time, the City of Ottawa remembers how amazing that trailer was and requests more on site to make hard work easy and fast. Thanks for making such a fantastic product. Let me know if the pictures didn’t make the cyber journey.”

Marek de Savigny           Dunrobin ON     Sept 2019

Marek de Savigny
Just a quick note to let you know that the trailer has arrived and been assembled.  It’s an impressive trailer.  I was equally impressed with the packaging and the quality of the build.  No damaged or scratched parts which was amazing given the amount of metal in the crate.  I have already loaded it 3 times with 2000 lbs of clay and gravel,  transported it to the end of the property, backed up and dumped it with no issues.  It works as advertised.  A great product.

Ed Binseel    Royal Oak  MD   Dec 2018

Ed Binseel
“Hi Larry:
Just wanted to drop a line to you about how well your fantastic trailers are working. We have 3 in our hunting camp now, my brother Bill and Mike … are also proud owners and I believe more from our camp are going to be converting from single axle trailers real soon to your product. I have a gas can holder and shovel holders for my trailer but I have a couple of other requests. Last summer I pinched the side wall on a tire on a sharp rock so I bought a new tire and put it on the OEM rim and put the patched tire on a new rim for a spare. Even though the new tire said it was the same as the original it is not. Could I purchase through you a tire which would be the same as the other 3 on the trailer? Secondly do you have plans for a spare tire carrier to mount on he trailer? Thanks for developing such a great practical piece of equipment as it has proven to be the best piece of equipment for our hunting trips…….”

Paul Tucker Apsley, ON, Mar 2018

Paul Tucker

Hello Larry,
I was one of your early customers many years ago for the original (2 wheel) MUTS and have been using it heavily in Iqaluit in Nunavut all these years.
I’m a little disappointed that the two wheel version is no longer
available, as I have just recently bought a small hobby farm near Brockville, ON, and will badly miss its wonderful maneuverability in the very narrow confines of bush trails through the woods…”
My daughter and son-in-law have had my MUTS the last three years and repeatedly say “the MUTS built our house! We couldn’t have done it without it.”…
As for a trailer for my wee farm, no use vacillating. Can you quote getting one of your new ones to North Augusta, including the rig that replaces the bucket for towing a log… and perhaps the extensions”

Peter Baril North Augusta, ON, Dec 2017

Paul Tucker Apsley, ON, Mar 2018

Peter Baril

“Good day Larry,
Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how I’ve made out with my MUTS. It’s been approximately 2 years since it arrived. I’m very impressed with it. It is well built and assembly was a snap. The trailer really shines in it’s performance. It’s easily handled any task I have asked it to. I have a smaller ATV and the MUTS still tows very effortlessly. It’s equally at home behind a tractor with heavier loads. Mine is most frequently used on rough and uneven woods trails and the walking beam suspension handles them easily. Aside from the sounds of the cargo over rough trails I could easily forget that I was pulling a trailer. I’ve used it year round in mud, snow, and ice and it works well regardless of the conditions. If the tow vehicle can make it, so can the MUTS. The winch controlled dumping adds a whole other element of usefulness to this trailer. Even heavy loads can be easily controlled during dumping. Simply put, you can dump things where you want them, as opposed to a gravity dump that immediately slams back and dumps the entire load. It’s needed nothing but routine maintenance (tire pressure,grease) to keep it serviceable. I was looking for a well made, simple to operate, trailer that would handle some hard work. After quite a bit of research I decided on the MUTS and it certainly fits the bill! This is no garden trailer. You really can’t understand just how handy it can be until you have one. A great investment to be sure. One thing that may be worth noting is that on my particular ATV (2000 Honda TRX 350) the hitch ball is attached to the the rear housing, and sits inward a bit. With my aftermarket bumpers and the inward hitch the draw bar length wouldn’t have allowed me to cut much at all before the trailer made contact with the ATV. Luckily I had ordered the draw bar extension and that solved the problem. The only improvement I could suggest to the trailer may be a swiveling hitch at the end of the drawbar. It would eliminate some draw bar flex on uneven terrain when being towed by a tractor or other vehicle with no rear suspension.
Out of curiosity what is the price tag on the log skidder conversion unit? It would be getting shipped to Bridgewater, NS.”


Justin Garber West Clifford, NS, April 2017

Justin Garber

Hi Larry,
Hope you are doing well!
It’s not very often that I feel compelled to write a testimonial about a product – let alone a positive one – but I do believe this one is warranted to Mr. Larry Edgar and his wonderfully designed MUTS trailer.

With regards to the trailer, it has a very unique, practical, robust and versatile design. It is very well-thought out and works in the field – perfectly. I feel reasonably qualified to make this appraisal since I have owned a MUTS trailer for over 2 years and use it extensively for various purposes on our 100 acre property called Wildhaven.

Although it is referred to as “the Swiss Army Knife” of trailers, in my opinion this is a poor descriptor because I have found Swiss Army knives to be so multi-functional as to make them not particularly useful for any specific purpose. This is definitely not the case with the MUTS trailer. It does each task – whether hauling, skidding, dumping, etc. flawlessly.

Given how much hard use I have put the trailer through, I now can’t imagine having anything less than a MUTS to suit our purposes. I had tried 2 versions of heavy-duty plastic ATV trailers – both of which fell apart within a year or 2 of comparatively light use. This experience lead me to the conclusion that it does not make sense to have a good quality ATV and a comparatively low quality trailer. Soon enough the “weak link” trailer will bring a halt to your work. Hence, I purchased a MUTS and couldn’t be more pleased with its performance.

Another great feature of the MUTS is that you can add accessories (i.e. skiis, log skidder, wall extenders, tool carriers, etc.) to the basic trailer as your needs and financial ability arise. The trailer does not become readily obsolete or limited in function. Given its unique flexibility and durability, I would imagine that this will also translate to a higher resale value in the event that you have to sell it.

While the trailer is certainly worthy of accolades, perhaps one of its best features is the designer and owner the company – Larry Edgar. My wife and I visited Larry to see the trailer prior to purchase. I had done a fair bit of research on ATV trailers – so I had many questions which Larry happily, professionally and knowledgeably responded to without any sales pressure. He even paid us a visit when he was in our area just to see / hear about our experiences with the trailer. Wow – what an example of superior customer service! He is both a gentleman and an ingenious entrepreneur. I am both happy with this fine product and proud to support such a fine Canadian business. Thanks again Larry!




Just a quick fyi, the trailer arrived today and I put it together after work. I must say the design and execution of the parts fabrication is a breath of fresh air compared to gack that comes from oceans away.
It hasn’t turned a wheel yet, but I know its going to do the job and stand the test of time.
I’ll take a couple of photos tomorrow morning and send them along. It will get a real test on the long weekend coming up, in the bush bringing out three, hundred and fifty foot fir trees that blew down this past winter.”

Tom Dudley Whistler BC May 2017

Tom Dudley

Hey Larry
I’ve been working the trailer hard for two weeks, from hauling materials to build our snowmobiles club bridge deep in the woods to pulling a few dozen cords of log length wood off the mountain. And all i can say is great design, and I wish I bought one long ago. I’ve gotten a lot of questions and passed your information along to no less then a dozen people.””

Gene Pategas Shelton CT Sept 2016

“Sorry, it was last minute but we used the Skidder Package to remove some culverts for the snowmobile club. It worked great! Attached are some picture for your files.
It’s a great trailer! Thanks again”

Philip Rosien

Philip Rosien

Yes more than happy. I’am building a half mile trail in central Ontario, and have used the Muts trailer to haul approx. 30 tons of stone. On one occasion the trailer flipped on it’s side fully loaded ( thru no fault of the trailer) once emptied and up righted the trailer was unscathed and went back to work. I did have one small issue during assembly and a quick email to Larry and it was rectified.””

Daryl Anderson Ontario Feb 2015

“I’ve only recently gotten a chance to utilize the trailer in any serious way and it has more than lived up to my expectations and hopes. When I first started assembling it I was surprised at how robust the materials were and how nicely everything fit together. It tows so nicely behind my dinky little tractor that it is barely noticed, and even when loaded to its rated capacity it doesn’t seem to affect my progress as I haul gravel through my deeply rutted, muddy trail. It has definitely expanded the functionality of my tractor and eliminated any desire or need to trade it in for a bigger machine. I like how it maneuvers and tracks behind me when in tight quarters too. My front end loader attachment is not strong enough to effectively scoop gravel and load the trailer so I have to do so with a shovel. After filling the trailer, I’m very relieved to know that it is easily emptied and distributed. The winch works just fine and my initial thoughts about wanting a powered hoist of some sort are long gone. I appreciate the simplicity and dependability of the dumping mechanism you engineered. I can see in many ways how this trailer was designed by someone that used it, rather than by a computer.
Thanks for building what I needed.”

Mike Sved June 2015

Mike Sved