The MUTS Grader Attachment

A new accessory to help you keep your trails and driveways in top condition.

  • The grader attaches to the underside of the MUTS carriage. It is operated with the trailer box removed.
  • The grader consists of ripper and finishing blades that can be raised and lowered 6″, rotated horizontally 30 degrees left and right, rotated vertically 10 degrees left and right.
  • The ripper blade has 10 ripping teeth attached to the 60″ long main beam and is used to break up hard packed ground.
  • The finishing blade is removable and attaches to the main beam directly in front of the ripper teeth. It moves loose material to fill in potholes, smooth out washboard, build up low spots, and bring material from the sides to the centre of the travel surface.
  • The blades are angled slightly back to allow the attachment to bounce over rocks, roots, and tree stumps thereby reducing potential damage. This device is designed to handle fine grained uniform sized material such as dirt, sand, and small stones. It is not made for digging out large rocks and tree stumps ,or breaking up roots.
  • The grader attachment is heavy enough that it will break up many surfaces without additional weight. For hard packed materials the ripper blade may need to pass over the same area repeatedly until the material is broken sufficiently. The hand winch is used to raise and lower the grader blades.
  • For well established trails and driveways that are free of large obstacles the grader can be used with the trailer box on the carriage. It is possible to haul, dump, and then grade material all in one trip.
  • An optional 12 Volt electric actuator is being researched to replace the hand winch for raising and lowering the grader blades.