The MUTS trailer and accessories are sold directly to the customer. See prices below. Shipping and taxes are extra. Best shipping prices are usually to a commercial business of your choice that has a loading dock or fork lift and is willing to receive delivery on your behalf. Residential delivery is an option in many places but is more expensive.
Pick up in Madoc ON. during weekday business hours is another option.


Item Description CDN Prices US Prices
T4L 4 wheel walking beam trailer with 6 ft long box – $2599.00
ASP Log Skidder Package $218.00 $181.00
ABH Rear Ball Hitch Accessory                                                     TNA $35.00 $29.00
AEB 18″ Draw Bar Extension $79.00 $66.00
WES Wall Extension Set                                                                 TNA $469.00 $390.00
CSH Chain Saw Holder $62.00 $52.00
FCH Fuel Can Holder $50.00 $41.00
RSH Rake/Shovel Holder $50.00 $42.00
SKI Strap on Ski kit – $635.00 $529.00
MUC Multi Use Carrier $99.00 $86.00
GDR Driveway/trailer grader $1099.00 $916.00
WTO Water Tank Only $2399.00 $1999.00
  • TNA – Temporarily Not Available
  • NLA – No Longer Available
  • NYA – Not yet available

If you would like a shipping quote please provide me with a ship to address and postal code. My shipping agent will provide a competitive shipping quote to a commercial business of your choice that has loading docks or a fork lift and is willing to accept delivery on your behalf or to a residential address.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Shipping charges, taxes and duties, where applicable, are extra. All trailers and accessories are shipped in a knocked down state and require assembly.

For inquiries and sales please contact :
Larry Edgar | Edgar Enterprises

Bancroft, ON, K0L 1C0
Phone: 613-332-1480

Please include your name, address,postal code,phone number, and items you wish to order.

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