MUTS Trailer Aluminum SKIS

Aluminum SKIS

MUTS Trailer Aluminum Strap On SKIS

MUTS trailer aluminum skis

Skis rotating up over a snow mound

Skis rotating down over a snow mound

MUTS trailers strap on skis

Attaching SKIS to MUTS trailer

Make your MUTS a 4 season trailer by adding a set of skis.
These all new skis are aluminum so are lighter than the original model and won’t rust.
They feature a bolt on nose to improve movement over hilly terrain and adjustable rear runners to help minimize fishtailing.
Easy to install
Just roll the trailer wheels onto the skis or insert ski under front wheel and gently push until fully seated. Secure with a ratchet strap.
Use skis on snow only. Do NOT pull skis over bare ground or rough ice.
The skis are not designed to be backed up.
The skis have NOT been thoroughly tested so their limits have not been determined.
It is up to the user to determine the safe and appropriate use of the skis.