The “SWISS ARMY KNIFE” of ATV work trailers

The number one leader in innovation with the most features of any ATV trailer available today. Check out the many features below.


For most forest and field work the MUTS can reliably haul…

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A MUTS trailer has a steep 40 degree dump angle which…

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Winch Load

Load up to 900 lbs with the MUTS own winch. The tilt…

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Spread sand and other dry granular material with the…

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Removable Panels

Both the front and rear end panels are removable. This lets…

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Rear Ball Hitch

Got a long haul ahead of you? Increase your efficiency…

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Draw Bar Extender

The AEB Extend a Bar will add 18″ to the length of the…

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Log Skidder

Easily convert the MUTS trailer into a log skidder by removing …

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Wall Extensions

Almost double the volume of the MUTS by adding a wall…

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Chain Saw Holder

Easily attach a chain saw holder anywhere along the lip…

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Fuel Can Holder

The fuel can holder also attaches anywhere …

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Rake Shovel Holder

Carry your rake, shovel, axe, weed eater and more with …

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Rotating Draw Bar

The draw bar can rotate vertically to save space when …

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Walking Beam

The independent walking beams can rotate 45 degrees …

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Self Propelling

The MUTS has the ability to winch itself out of “stuck” …

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Coming this winter. Taking advance orders now …

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The MUTS trailer comes in kit form in a large cardboard …

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Why Choose A MUTS?

  • Made in CANADA: With high quality materials and precision workmanship so you know it’s a top quality product.
  • Versatility: A MUTS trailer is lighter, more maneuverable and more stable than the competition and yet can still handle a 2,000 lb. payload with ease, even in rough terrain.
  • Unique Features: Developed first for the MUTS trailer to create the most versatile pull behind ATV work trailer on the market. See the features above. Beware of copycatters.
  • 3 Year Warranty: Against defects in materials and workmanship. Why 3 years? Simple. A MUTS Trailer is designed and built to last and that’s what it does!

Watch the video to see the MUTS trailer in action or click on a feature button to learn more.

Just a quick note. Love your trailer. Performs as expected and then some. I don’t use the dump aspect of it but could see how it would come in handy if needed. Would recommend to anyone with a larger atv/utv! Kids love riding in it too! Maybe come up with some sort of seating!! Take care.
Ryan McGuan LaCrosse WI
“Sorry it took me awhile to get to send this to you, (picture) but have been busy using the trailer. I want to thank you for engineering such a great “Swiss army knife of utility trailers”. As you can see I use a John Deere Gator 825i to pull this trailer. Very little hitch weight which allows me to unhook the trailer loaded and not have to worry about getting hit in the face or other body parts by the tongue of the trailer. I would recommend to get the 18″ extension for the tongue. You could get by without but no sharp turns would be possible. Thanks again Larry. Awesome trailer”
Kory Lucius, Bellevue Ohio
Really like the trailer Larry
John Brennan Barrie, ON, Sept 2014
I had been struggling around the farm with an old road trailer until I bought the MUTS. Boy it really is a versatile trailer. I bought the basic trailer with the mesh extensions to increase the height of the box when I was hauling lightweight materials such as wood chips. The tipping action is great, simple and effective, no need for complicated power hook ups just to tip small loads. It only takes minutes to convert from one set to the other from hauling loose materials to being able to haul trees. The powder coated paint finish is excellent and stands up to the rigors of country usage.

David Davidson, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada ~ Nov 2008