MUTS - Multi-Use Trailer System for your ATV, Quad and 4 Wheeler - Welcome

A SERIOUS WORK TRAILER with more features than any other ATV utility trailer available today. Used by farmers, land owners, hunters, ATV clubs, landscapers, Cdn & US military, and many more...

"I've been working my trailer for about a week now and I'm delighted with my purchase.  It's big enough to do the jobs I have on my plate. I think the design was very well thought out with excellent choices made for strength vs. weight. The trailer came packed beautifully with no damage anywhere. I'm retired but I'll always be an engineer at heart and can't help but evaluate every piece of equipment I buy"

Randy Swingle, Athens, PA, USA  July 2014

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Watch the Video Why Buy Muts List $2499.00
$1,949.00 CDN
$1,825.00 US

To serve you better, trailer kits now ship from Guelph Ontario Canada and Chicago Illinois U.S.A.

The "SWISS ARMY KNIFE" of ATV utility trailers

  • ATV Trailer Winch
  • ATV Trailer Spread
  • ATV Trailer Convert
  • ATV Trailer Tandem
  • ATV Trailer Expand


These Canadian made trailers were designed for use in the hilly, rocky and sometimes boggy forests and bush of northern Ontario. Their low profile and compact design make them very maneuverable and easy to handle yet they are serious working trailers with more features than any other comparable trailer on the market today. Click on the icons above for more information.